How does Fbox work?

Fbox displays a continuous count of Facebook ‘likes’ in real time so passers-by can appreciate how many others are fans of your business. When they perform a ‘like’ on their mobile device, the counter updates automatically offering them an engaging real-time interaction. Fbox provides a WiFi connection to promote this social media fan-building activity and offers the opportunity to connect with them via well-targeted product or service messages. Fbox reinforces consumer confidence by determining through the ‘like’ count that your products are a popular choice.

Maximize Buyer Confidence

Fbox displays a high-visibility ‘like’ counter which updates in real time. People respond with an increased readiness to purchase when they see that many others liked particular products or services.

Match User-behavior to Products

The Fbox is also a Wi-Fi access point. Logged in users’ information can be accessed and used to create and deliver highly focused well-targeted sales messages or other information.

Quick & Easy Setup

The Fbox can be setup in just minutes! Simply connect your Facebook account, plug in the Fbox and you are good to go! The Fbox package includes comprehensive technical support.

Fbox in the real world

Fbox can be used in many situations and locations. To ensure compatibility with décor and surroundings, we intentionally kept our design clean and functional, while retaining high visibility.

Watch our video to find out more about Fbox

Check out this video and learn how Fbox can be used as a formidable marketing tool to broaden reach and improve consumer purchasing confidence.

Versatile software with easy setup and full support!

(Coming soon)

The Fbox comes with a free mobile app which runs the counter, brings WiFi to those in the vicinity and delivers offers to users as onscreen messages. A quick and easy selection process allows specific offers to be presented users who are initially prompted to connect with Facebook and become fans by ‘liking’ your Facebook page. This connection allows us to detect previous Facebook activity and match up relevant offers, which are then delivered to users’ mobile devices.

Easy to use

Insert the power supply into
an electrical socket.

Type the following address into
your Internet browser:

Enter your account details.

Type the link of any desirable
Facebook fan page into the control panel.

Save the parameters.

Your Fbox now counts
your Facebook fan page likes.

Technical specifications


Length 36 cm / 14.1 in

Height 11 cm / 4.3 in

Width 6.5 cm / 2.55 in

The Fbox comes with in a stylish real wood finish.

Top Quality Canadian Red Cedar

Pre-Order Fbox

Order Fbox today online and receive your Fbox hardware plus free software. Make the most of this unique opportunity to boost your business for just 150 euros. We accept all forms of payment including VISA, MasterCard and PayPal.

Fbox for 299,99€
(EU Adapter)
Fbox for 299,99€
(UK Adapter)

First Batch Shipping 2016 / 09

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